What To Expect From Laser Hair Reduction

Hair removal is among the most common aesthetic procedures on the market. Within this category, laser hair reduction is a popular option. Many people try other solutions before turning to a professional for laser hair removal. One thing that slows the transition to the laser-based method is that people often don't know what to expect. Someone considering this approach for the first time should expect these things.

Several Sessions

The laser process targets hairs best when there is a high contrast between the colors of the hair and skin. However, your body's hair doesn't grow in a unified cycle. Some of your hair will be at one stage while others are at a different point. Hair darkness helps with laser targeting so that most hairs will come off during the darkest part of the cycle. Consequently, you may need several sessions to achieve a serious reduction. Likewise, you might need additional sessions to maintain the desired appearance.

Skin Sensitivity

Laser hair removal works best when the skin isn't sensitive. If you've recently had a tanning session or prolonged sun exposure, it's best to put off a hair removal session for a few weeks. Skin pigmentation issues are more likely if sessions occur while your skin is still recovering from UV exposure. Also, tanner skin has a lower contrast with most hair colors and reduces the laser's targeting capacity.

Some medications and skin care products can create similarly negative interactions. Retinoids are particularly known for this problem. They can increase sensitivity. Once more, this can lead to hyperpigmentation issues. Many products and medications have retinoids so you'll want to consult with your dermatologist before starting laser hair reduction.

You also want to be aware of any skin irritations before requesting a laser procedure. Someone experiencing a skin outbreak from an autoimmune disorder, for example, should talk to a doctor before using this process. If you have a history of skin disorders or infections, then you'll also want to be more aware of potential complications.

Minimizing Growth

Clients should come to laser treatments with realistic expectations. While laser hair removal is a respected process, it doesn't provide permanent removal of all hair. It significantly minimizes overall hair growth, though.


Laser hair reduction works better with thick and coarse hair. Individuals who have finer body hair should be aware that they may not see the same level of results as their friends did.

For more information on laser hair removal, contact a professional near you.