3 Things To Know About Plumping Your Lips With Fillers

If you have thin lips, you may wonder if fillers are right for you. Injecting hyaluronic acid into your lips can plump them up so your lips are thicker or more even. Here are three things to know about having lip fillers.

1. The Fillers Wear Off Eventually 

You can let the dermatologist know the look you are going for so they know how much hyaluronic acid should be injected to give the results you want. You can start off slowly so you don't have a drastic change to your appearance that is difficult for you to get used to.

However, a hyaluronic filler is absorbed by your body gradually, so it eventually goes away. You don't have to worry about fillers ruining your appearance for that reason. However, if you love the way your lips look after the injections, you can continue to get injections done as often as the specialist recommends to maintain your look.

2. The Injections Are Not Too Painful

If the idea of having injections in your lips bothers you, talk to your dermatologist about using numbing cream. With your lips numb, you won't have to worry about feeling the tiny pinches from the needle injections. Once the procedure is over, your lips might be a little sensitive, but you shouldn't have pain.

It may take some time for the numbing cream to wear off, so you have to be careful about eating or drinking hot foods or injuring your lips when they're numb.

3. You Should Avoid Rubbing Your Lips Afterward

You can usually resume your normal routine after you have lip fillers. However, you might have some swelling that lasts a few days. If so, you can try applying an ice pack to your lips to control it. Your dermatologist may advise you not to rub or massage your lips for a few days. That means you might not be allowed to kiss right away, rub your lips, apply makeup, or do any other activity that presses and rubs your lips.

In addition, the doctor might recommend that you avoid strenuous exercises, sweating, and touching your lips with your hands or other unsanitary objects to reduce your risk of infection. You'll see results from your lip fillers right away, but until the swelling goes down, you won't see the final results.

Lip injections could make you feel more comfortable about your appearance, especially if you think your lips are too thin. Since your face makes the first impression when you meet someone, you may have more confidence at work and in social settings when you're happy with your appearance.