Here's Why You Should Avoid Alcohol Before A Botox Injection

The process for receiving Botox injections is remarkably simple, especially when you consider the extent of the results. The injections are administered at the target sites, and your time spent at the clinic or salon will be very brief. Receiving Botox injections is very straightforward, although there's one aspect of your life that Botox might not be compatible with, and that's alcohol consumption. This means that a few considerations become relevant.

Side Effects

There are unlikely to be any side effects after receiving a Botox injection. Some patients might notice a sense of fatigue, as though they are experiencing a very mild flu. However, some light bruising at the injection sites is common. This bruising will be minor and will be more like a small blemish, as opposed to a prominent bruise. Alcohol in your bloodstream can increase your risk of bruising.

Bruising and Swelling

Alcohol is known to thin the blood, and this can lead to a widening of the blood vessels. Essentially, alcohol consumption prior to receiving a Botox injection can significantly increase your likelihood of bruising and swelling. Some dizziness and drowsiness can be felt after a Botox injection, but these issues are barely perceptible for most patients. However, alcohol can amplify these side effects.

Avoiding Complications

Light to moderate alcohol consumption won't compromise the effectiveness of a Botox injection, and any swelling or bruising will subside before too long. Yet the clinic or salon administering the injection will want to minimize this potential complication. In short, give yourself a small buffer period before and after receiving an injection. You should abstain from alcohol during this period, and while 24 hours should be sufficient, it's advisable to seek clarification from the clinic or salon who will be performing your treatment.

Disclose Any Consumption

Life can be unpredictable, and if you should spontaneously consume alcohol prior to your appointment, contact the clinic or salon. You should disclose the fact that you have consumed alcohol, and it might be that your appointment will need to be rescheduled, but this isn't a foregone conclusion. If you simply had a glass of wine or beer with dinner the previous night, then this might not have sufficient impact to delay your treatment. Of course, a night of drinking can be a different matter, and this can certainly warrant a rescheduling.

Receiving a Botox injection with alcohol in your bloodstream isn't a major concern, but it can exacerbate swelling and bruising. This why it's in your best interests to temporarily abstain from drinking for a very brief period before and after your appointment.

For more information, contact a Botox injection facility in your area.