Getting Botox as an Active Student? 4 Recovery Tips

Botox is not exclusively for older adults. People in their early 20s also benefit from this treatment. So, if you are a student that wants to get an early advantage on aging gracefully, this treatment option may be right for you. However, with such a busy lifestyle, you might have concerns about whether you have time for this treatment. Fortunately, not only is Botox a short procedure, its after-care requirements are minimal. Learn what you can do to recover as an active student.

Aim for a Fresh Face

Keep your face makeup-free for a period after the treatment. The makeup itself is not the problem; it's the application. Applying makeup with a brush or other tool forces you to press down on your face. Applying pressure to a treated area may cause the injected neurotoxins to shift. So, if you have an upcoming event where you would prefer to attend with a full face of makeup, you may want to schedule treatment well in advance. 

Avoid Strenuous Activity

If you play sports in college, you might want to wait until the off-season for your Botox application. Elevating your heart rate or performing strenuous activities that require you to bend over or lift heavy objects, cause the muscles to contract. If the muscles contract repeatedly, it will dull the effectiveness of the treatment before it has a chance to fully take effect, which can cause a less desirable result.

Stay Awake

Seek a treatment appointment for earlier in the day if you have a schedule that requires you to go to bed early for morning classes. If you go to sleep and lay your head down too quickly, the neurotoxins may shift, and you are also more likely to develop bruising. For this reason, it is generally recommended that you remain awake for several hours after treatment. 

Perform Facial Exercises

You are already busy, but you will need to make sure you commit to performing facial exercises for a short period after your treatment. Facial exercises help the neurotoxins settle and help speed up the full activation of the treatment so that you get the results you want faster. Lifting your eyebrows up and down and smiling or frowning is a great way to exercise the muscles in your face. 

Contact Botox treatment clinics and thoroughly explain the areas you would like to address. The more you know, the better your chance for a successful treatment.