Does Breast Augmentation Always Reduce Breast Sensitivity?

Traditionally, breast augmentation came with some risk of reducing breast sensitivity. If this fact has scared you away from breast implants, then rest assured that it no longer has to be your reality. Here's what you should know about breast implants and sensitivity problems.

Why It Sometimes Does

The main reason why some women lose sensitivity after having breast augmentation surgery is because the surgery cuts into the breast tissue itself. Sometimes, on rare occasions, this can impact nerves in the area that control the sense of touch. In some instances this has led to reduced sensitivity in the area, but this no longer has to be the case.

Avoiding The Risk

These days, there are more options for breast augmentation and some of the newer methods completely avoid the risk of a loss of sensitivity.

For example, one such method is transumbilical breast implant augmentation. Transumbilical breast augmentation side-steps the risk of losing sensitivity because it doesn't cut into the breast tissue at all. Instead, the implant is inserted (deflated) through the navel and is carried upwards until it reaches the breast. Without cutting into the tissue surrounding the breast, there's no risk of damaging the nerves and losing sensitivity.

What to Expect

Transumbilical breast augmentation is a fairly easy process to go through. In fact, it tends to have shorter recovery times and less pain associated with the procedure than traditional augmentation.

The reason for this is because of how the breast implant is inserted. Instead of a large incision being made in the armpit or under the breast, a tiny incision is made in the navel. This is where the deflated breast implant is inserted. From there, your surgeon will guide it up to the area of the breast, and only then will it be inflated with saline. Once in place, your surgeon will remove their instruments and repeat the process with the other side.

That's essentially it. Transumbilical breast implants tend to cause less pain and recovery time because there's so little trauma associated with the surgery. It's also a huge perk that any scarring that may remain is located on the navel, not anywhere near the chest, so no one will know that you have breast implants unless you want them to.

If the only reason you've held off of getting breast implants is because of a fear of losing sensitivity, don't worry about it. Ask about transumbilical breast augmentation and get the look you want without losing any feeling.