3 Benefits Of A Breast Lift

Of the various types of cosmetic surgery for the breasts, a breast lift may be the most popular. Since sagging is a common occurrence that happens for various reasons, many women seek to reverse these effects on their breasts. Reducing sagging via surgery can have both medical and emotional benefits.

Reduce Skin Irritation

Some women, especially those with larger breasts, may experience skin irritation under their breasts. This issue is caused both by moisture and friction under the breasts. Sometimes wearing the right bra can reduce the problem. Your bra needs to be supportive enough to prevent the breasts from touching other skin and creating a skin fold. Additionally, sports bras or bras made with similar material can be moisture-wicking and prevent moisture from remaining under the breasts for an extended time. If skin irritation is an ongoing issue or is severe, resulting in frequent ulceration of the skin, a breast lift might be the best option.

More Aesthetic Positioning

There are many reasons the breast begin to sag over time. Gravity will cause some degree of sagging, with women who have larger breasts often noticing more of the impact of gravity as they age. Changes in breast size and fullness that frequently occurs with weight gain/loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding are common reasons the breasts begin to sag. After a significant weight loss or other reduction in breast volume, it is also common to have loose skin on the breasts in addition to sagging. A breast lift can fix both issues since excess skin is typically removed during the procedure. Once the surgeon has a better idea what tissue they will preserve, it is easier to determine the final placement of the breasts and give them a more aesthetic position.

Better Bra Options

When sagging is a major concern, this can limit your bra options. Many women who need extra support find they must pay more for their bras and may not be able to find supportive bras in the most trendy styles. Another frustration with finding support can be the need for underwire. Although bras with underwire can help keep your breasts in an ideal position, they are not always comfortable, especially if you cannot invest in better bras. Many women find after a breast lift, they have almost infinite options when they go bra shopping. Basic sports bras and more attractive bras without underwire will be supportive enough. Some women may find they can go braless without anyone noticing.

There are both aesthetic and medical benefits to having a breast lift. Regardless of the underlying reason for having the procedure, there are several benefits that can make you look and feel better about your breasts. Reach out to a plastic surgery center for more information.