Breast Implant Rupture Risk Reduction

If you have been thinking about breast implants, then you likely want to choose the safest implants that you possibly can. Also, you want to be sure that you reduce your risks of having to go through with another surgery at a later date to have the implants removed. This is something that commonly occurs when an implant ruptures. Keep reading to learn about ruptures and how you can choose an implant to reduce your risks.

What Is An Implant Rupture?

A breast implant rupture is when the implant develops a tear or opening in the casing and the implant material starts to leak out. The material leaks into the body, and this will often cause pain, burning sensations, tingling, and numbness. You also may notice a change in the size of the breast as the material leaches into your body.

Implant ruptures need to be attended to with either the replacement of or the permanent removing of the implant. This is especially true when it comes to silicone implants. Since some ruptures will occur without you knowing it, MRIs are recommended over time if you have silicone implants to make sure that no ruptures have developed.

Ruptures will occur for a variety of reasons, but they are often caused by a weakness in the casing as the implant ages. If the implant is not filled correctly, like in the case of saline implants that are filled during the augmentation operation, then the casing will fold and this can cause a tear to develop.  

Additionally, faulty products can cause tears and the general failure of your implants. 

Choosing An Implant To Reduce Rupture Risks

If you want silicone implants, then it is wise to ask for ones that have been manufactured within the last ten years. Implants have been created with stronger shells over the last ten years due to the high number of rupture incidents. 

While silicone implants are not any less likely to rupture, they will cause no health problems if they do leak. This is one reason why they are becoming more and more popular. Your cosmetic professional can ensure that the implant casings remain strong by filling or overfilling the implant. This reduces the number of folds that can develop in the casing. Since folds can lead to ruptures, this can ultimately reduce rupture concerns.

If you want to know more about breast augmentation, the best implants, and how to reduce rupture risks, speak with a cosmetic specialist.