What To Expect After A Facelift

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that many people choose in order to look more younger and boost their self-confidence. When performed by a reputable and experienced plastic surgeon, a facelift can dramatically improve the appearance of a person's face for the better. However, there is a recovery period for anyone who gets a facelift. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect after a facelift.

About the First Week 

When you come out of surgery, you most likely won't be happy with what you see. It is important to know that you won't see the results of a facelift in the days after the procedure. In the first few days after surgery, you will experience swelling, and you may see bruising. There is no need to worry-- this is all very common, and the swelling and bruising will subside as your face and body heal. 

While you are recovering from a facelift, it is important to take pain medication exactly as prescribed. This ensures that pain and discomfort are effectively managed. It is much better to take the medication as prescribed to prevent pain instead of waiting for pain or discomfort to develop. In addition to staying on top of medications, it is a good idea to rest as much as possible after a facelift in order to promote healing and help prevent complications.

Days Following the First Week

In the days following the first week after a facelift, it is still important to know that your face is not healed and it may look different than what you expected. You may still notice bruising or swelling on your face, around your eyes, and on your neck. This is all normal, so you shouldn't be alarmed. During this time, you may have an appointment with your surgeon for a follow up to ensure that you are healing properly and no incisions are infected.

About a Month Later

While complete healing from a facelift can take several months, most people begin seeing great positive results around a month after surgery. It is still possible to have some swelling, but at this point, you should be able to see the difference in your face. It is still important to continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon to ensure that there are no problems or complications. After about a month post surgery, you can count on the results of the surgery looking like what you expected.