Dermal Fillers For Chicken Pox Scars

Whether you had chicken pox as a child or more recently, this virus can wreak havoc on your skin with its blemishes. Chicken pox blemishes that aren't able to heal properly can leave behind pits in your skin that are hard to conceal with makeup. If you're tired of having pits in your skin from chicken pox, you can get help from a dermatologist. Learn what they can do for you.

How Chicken Pox Scars Differ

Although people often refer to scarring on the skin like every scar is identical, the reality is quite the opposite. Different kinds of scarring leave behind different marks. For example, some scars leave behind raised, higher skin. Acne and chicken pox can create pock marks in the skin. And scars from minor injuries can simply leave behind a darkened spot of skin with no change to the level of the tissue at all.

Standard Scar Reduction Doesn't Work

You can go to just about any drugstore and find topical skin care products that claim to reduce the look of scars. Unfortunately, since scars are used as a one-size-fits-all term, what works well for one kind of scar may not work well for all of them.

Unfortunately, changing the appearance of pock marks with topical products is nearly impossible. While some products like alpha hydroxy and retinoids can help to slightly reduce their appearance, there's typically no way to repair the pock mark without plastic surgery.

The Solution

If plastic surgery seems like an extreme option for you, don't worry. While that may be the best repair method, that doesn't mean there aren't ways to hide the appearance of pock marks.

Dermatologists can help you here with something called a dermal filler. Dermal fillers are designed to be injected into the skin to make it appear plumper, firmer, and more level. In the case of acne and chicken pox scars, the dermal filler is injected directly into the valley of your pock mark. The filler goes underneath it and acts like it's filling a balloon, gradually inflating the pock mark. With a careful hand, your dermatologist will stop when the pock mark is level with the rest of your skin, making it all but disappear.

Dermal filler is a great way of improving the look of your skin without the serious downtime that plastic surgery can cause. If you're tired of seeing your pock marks ruin your skin, it's time to get a consultation with a dermatologist.