The Beauty Of Science: 3 Potential Ways Stem Cells Can Improve Your Appearance

Science can be a beautiful thing, even if you don't know the value of pi beyond two decimal places or if Einstein's Theory of Relativity is Greek to you. When it comes to your appearance, there's much that science can do for you, whether to counter Father Time or compensate for the effects of certain diseases and conditions. Stem cell therapy, although considered in many ways to be in its early stages of development, could hold the answers you've been looking for.

Here are three amazing ways this promising therapy might work for you:

Hair Loss Replacement

While some of Hollywood's leading men are adored despite their lack of locks, for many people who are losing their hair, the experience is a traumatic one that often causes major self-esteem issues. Since hair follicles contain stem cells, scientists are working on innovative applications for hair replacement that don't involve anything invasive.

Certain stem cells in the scalp can be activated by removing them, treating them, then reintroducing them into the area. This method of regrowing hair has offered very promising results in testing, as the cells reintroduced are capable of changing into any other type of cell. Such a spectacular metamorphosis may mean a more natural, uncomplicated hair-replacement therapy for men and women everywhere.

Rejuvenating Facelift

Although aging is a natural phenomenon, when you're facing it in the mirror every day, it's hard not to feel the urge to fight. If you're going through this, you likely have a closet full of anti-aging products you paid a small fortune for, yet you're probably still in search of something effective.

The natural duty of stem cells in the body is to rejuvenate and repair; thus, potentially providing you with a safe and rewarding means of plumping up skin, getting the glow back and erasing some of the results Father Time has left you with. Stem cell therapy basically involves transplanting cells to an area in need of improvement and allowing them to do their designated jobs. For facelifts involving skin cell therapy, either blood from the arm or fat from an area of the person's body is used to create the ideal stem cell treatment.

Stem cell therapy is also in use for different types of arthritis, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, and countless other medical situations; it's how bone-marrow transplants are successful, and it holds future promise for couples who can't conceive, making it one of the most thoroughly investigated and applied sciences of modern medicine.

Breast Reconstruction After Cancer

As if battling breast cancer weren't enough, patients are often left feeling incomplete and suffering with severely low self-esteem following a mastectomy, but stem cells are having a positive impact in this area of medical science as well. A procedure involving the transfer of certain fat cells, usually from the abdomen or thighs, into the breast area, fosters growth for new cells, meaning a restoration of both body and mind for the women involved.

This type of therapy also has applications for healthy women who are interested in altering the size or shape of their breasts and, thereby, increasing the satisfaction they have with their own bodies. Body confidence can be a very important factor in loving the life you live even more.

While much has been accomplished with stem cell therapy, a lot of work still remains, and with that work, even greater promises for future cosmetic treatments and cures. Science truly can be a beautiful thing, especially when you know how to put it to work for you.